Alex has worked as a performer with Wardrobe Theatre, Breach Theatre, and the RSC amongst others. Below are a selection of his recent credits.


2019, Musical, Snake/ Beatrice of Brandsbury/ Saint Serigius, JOAN OF LEEDS, Breach Theatre, Billy Barrett

2019, Stage, Sam, SILENT MEAT, Blue Torch Paper Productions, Tristan Bates, Katharine Farmer

2019, Musical, Apollo, THE ROCKY SHOCK (UK TOUR), The Wardrobe Theatre, Tom Brennan

2018, Stage, Ensemble, SAFARI, The North Wall ArtsLab, The Wardrobe Ensemble

2018, Stage, Alex, MOOD KILL (SCRATCH), Arcola Theatre, Snippet Theatre

2018, Short Film, PLATONIC KARAOKE, Dorothy Allen-Pickard & Noah Levine

2018, Stage, Claudio, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, RSC/ Partners Rapt, Bethan Pitts

2017, Stage, Sam, SILENT MEAT, Pleasance Theatre, Katharine Farmer

2016, Stage, Frollo, LE BOSSU (EDINBURGH PREVIEW), withWings, Helen Lindley

2015, Stage, Birdman/Ensemble, SOUVENIRS, Zoo Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Human Animal

2015, Stage, Mark, WASTWATER, National Student Drama Festival 2015, The Human Animal

2013, Stage, Bruce, 23.5 HOURS, Dead Posh Productions & Rubicon Theatre, Katharine Farmer



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